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Circular Tectonics: Towards ecological continuity, -means, - relations, strategies and -innovation in architectural practice  


Marie Frier Hvejsel

Department of Architecture, Design & Media Technology, Aalborg University

Aalborg, Denmark 

Anne Beim

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, CINARK

Kobenhavn, Denmark

The notion of ‘tectonics’ has been developed and applied throughout architectural history as a critical means through which to position the discipline in its context; the societal, technological as well as the physical. Today the complexity of contextual relations and challenges that govern architecture are multiplying and governed by an over more present call for a viable, ecological, human development of the built environment. With the title ‘Circular Tectonics’, this mini symposium investigates the potential of tectonic architectural theory and method for arriving at ecological continuity, -means, -relations, and –innovation in architectural practice. Hence, we invite critical contributions that discuss, develop, and apply tectonics related to questions such as ‘design for disassembly’, ‘re- and upcycling’, ‘life cycle scenarios’ ‘transformation versus preservation’ etc.

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